An Individual's System

When people have a difficult experience it can cause a kind of emotional "rupture." These can have several levels of emotional wounding, or trauma (See "Rupture" blog).

An individual's subconscious catalogues the person’s experience. The emotional wounding or trauma (past or present) tends to cause a symptom(s).  The subconscious keeps the trauma until it is released. Both past and previous trauma tends to cause current symptom(s).



Therapeutic are employed to clear emotional wounding and trauma, thus relieving the current symptom(s). If the problem happened in the past, the symptom (depression, anxiety and the like) can become the underlying "vibe" in the person's  life and harm the realtionship they have with God, with themselves and with others.  Theraputic exercises are employed to clear previous trauma, thus relieving the current symptom(s).


Coaching Guidance

Additionally, there can be times when a person's logic about the way life should be gets in the way of their functioning. An otherwise talented person can wind-up isolated and functioning at a low level of existence. Go to Coaching

I combine an integrative, creative approach to solve the unique needs of each person

As a Whole Life Coach, and as a professional counselor, my primary focus is to alleviate the immediate causes and symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental conditions that impair an individual’s ability to function properly.


The individual's ability to properly function exists within two area's of an individual's "system" or within their relationship circles.

Meet  Elizabeth Peace

Elizabeth Peace has been a coach with the Healing Codes since 2012 with 31 years of counseling and other coaching experience. She is also a Success Codes Coach, a Relationship Codes Coach, a Love Codes Coach, and the author of blogs on the science of how the Codes work.

She received her Master of Arts in Counseling and Ministry, Magna cum laude, from Liberty University. As a licensed minister and as a nationally licensed counselor, Elizabeth is in touch with the issues facing individuals and families in today's culture. She has in-depth knowledge and personal experience with some of life's very difficult issues.

The Codes have had a significant impact on Elizabeth's life and she believes that the application of the Codes are today what the application of electricity was in the past; an unknown source of power whose ability to change lives is unlimited.

Your bridge to help & healing

As a Whole Life Healing Coach

I use the scientifically validated methods of Trilogy and The Codes to heal emotional pain, unhealthy thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and stress which, in turn, can cause physical healing. The methods are the power that heal, rather than talking through the issue.


As a Professional Counselor and Coach

I know that there are many times when talking through an issue is very useful and practical when guidance and education are needed. Guidance and education can help us sort through actions and reactions of ourselves or others. As a professional counselor and coach, I can also help you understand the process of an event or the system that you are in. For example the court system, the educational system, or relationship systems. I can also help you understand your attachment to people, places or things. 


As an Inner Healing Prayer Minister

Inner Healing Prayer connects an individual with the Lord Jesus Christ in a profound way. It brings spiritual relief and a deeper relationship with God.

Bridge to Help