Advanced Journey
+ Audio

A 12-week journey through the 12 Categories
 of the Healing Codes

Just as a building needs a solid foundation before construction begins, you need this too. In the “journey” you will build a solid foundation of healthy actions, forgiveness, and transforming beliefs using custom codes, truth-focused statements, and plenty of guidance from me. Then you will learn how to infuse the 9 virtues of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, trust, humility, and self-control.

Bridge to Help

Each week we will address one of the 12 categories. I will help you clear issues & remove blocks that have kept you from success in that category. Then I will create a Custom Code for the prominent issue you have in that category. You will use that Custom Code during the week to heal that issue. 

We will meet for 12 consecutive weeks

Our sessions will include:

  • Guidance, coaching through the 12 Categories
  • 12 Codes personally customized to you
  • Coaching the Custom Code during the session
  • 12 Codes in MP3 audio sent to you
  • Handouts to make the session run smoothly
  • Email Encouragement through the week
  • Additional journey resources per the need 
  • Sessions can last up to 55 minutes

Your bridge to help & healing