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There are Four Parts to doing The Codes, the set-up, the prayer, performing the Code and Commitment

1.  The Set-up:
a. Pinpoint your top feeling.

b. Recall your earliest or strongest memory of the time when you had the same feelings. This does not have
to be a memory of a similar situation or event; it only has to contain the same feelings.

c. Rate the intensity of that feeling (on a scale of 0-10)

d. Decide on a “truth focus statement” to say while doing the Codes.
The Truth Focus Statement is a key element of healing issues of the heart by replacing the issue/pain/lie with the love.  Truth Focus Statements are designed to cause a shift in your beliefs by stating a truth you know is genuine.

2.  The prayer

3. Performing the Code

4.  Your commitment to SELF CARE to do your Codes faithfully.

So again, during our work, I will help you pinpoint your top issue. As an example, you might realize a false belief/feeling is that you're unlovable. On a scale of 0-10, for instance, you believe/feel it at a nine.

You pray an intentional prayer to be healed of your emotional issue.

You get a Custom Code or Trilogy Process from me and I'll guide and coach you through it.

As you do the code or process, you say a positive truth statement for example it could be, “I am able to make healthy choices that will help me honorably love myself and others.”

As you do the whole process, the truth will be infused in you.


How to Code

How does this happen?


What is happening at this point is you are using

you body’s electro-magnetic field as a conduit while doing the Code as you sincerely speak the truth; altogether, these activated your emotional healing.


What is the Result? Your conscious, sub-conscious, and unconscious no longer hold the poison of the unhealthy belief that “I’m unlovable”. You are able to take care (love) of yourself because you're believing you're worth loving.


Your bio magnetic and bioenergy system has changed so that you no longer radiates rejection, you radiate genuine peace and love. Because of your healing, the way you responds to others has changed.


You shift, or heal, from frustration to appreciation. 


This can happen within one session of doing the Codes or the Trilogy process. The more you do them, the greater the healing.

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