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The Love Code is a unique philosophy that guides the way you approach nearly every aspect of life, and it is the only way to find true happiness, health and success.  The Love Code is a paradigm shift that teaches you how to live from an internal state of peace and love, which in turn nearly guarantees you will achieve your goals. My tools and techniques will help you erase fear-based programming and apply this transformational principle to your life.

The Love Code

How do you let love point the way?

You may be at a point in life where a day, such as Valentine’s Day, bring up reminders of love the way it used to be or, love the way you want it to be. Perhaps you’re supporting an unhealthy relationship because you’re lonely. Expectations for good relationships run high, sometimes setting us up for disappointments.

During Valentine’s Day season, for example, a lot of us evaluate our “love tanks” are they full, half-full, or on empty?
Let’s turn your “lonely” into “love-filled” by using the Love Codes for healing.


Are you like John?


                                                                                    John believes that he’s not worthy of being loved.

                                                                                    He wants to be healed of this unhealthy belief and the way it’s                                                                                              harmed him  and his relationships.

                                                                                    John knows that his thinking causes a pattern of poor behavior,                                                                                            broken relationships, and missed opportunities.

                                                                                    He wants to have an authentic lifestyle. He’s tired of empty dreams                                                                                      and broken promises. John knows that he can’t change others, but                                                                                      with help, he can change.

The pain in John’s life is enough to motivate him to get authentic help. He decides that he’ll try The Love Codes.

After he contacts me, and receives information from me about The Love Codes, he remanages his schedule to include performing the Love Codes for a couple a times a day.

There are Four Parts to doing The Codes:

1.  The Set-up:
a. Pinpoint your top feeling.b. Recall your earliest or strongest memory of a time
when you had the same feelings. This does not have
to be a memory of a similar situation or event; it only
has to contain the same feelings.
c. Rate the intensity of that feeling (on a scale of 0-10*)
d. Decide on a “truth focus statement” to say while doing the Codes.
The Truth Focus Statement is a key element of healing issues of the heart by replacing the issue/pain/lie with the love.  Truth Focus Statements are designed to cause a shift in your beliefs by stating a truth you know is genuine.

2.  The prayer

3. Performing the Code

4.  Your commitment to SELF CARE to do your Codes faithfully.

Back to the example of John.
After John and I talk, he realizes what his false belief/feeling is that he’s unlovable. On a scale of 0-10 he believes/feels it at a 9.

John gets a Custom Code from me, his coach.

He prays an intentional prayer to be healed of his emotional issue.

Then he does the Code sequence as he says the truth statement: “I am able to make healthy choices that will help me honorably love myself and others.”

The truth was infused in John as he used his body’s electro-magnetic field as a conduit while doing the Code as he sincerely spoke out the truth; altogether, these activated his emotional healing!

What is the Result? John’s conscious, sub-conscious, and unconscious no longer hold the poison of the unhealthy belief that “I’m unlovable”. He’s able to take care (love) himself because he believes he’s worth loving.

John’s bio magnetic and bioenergy system has changed so that he no longer radiates rejection, he radiates genuine peace and love. Because of his healing, the way he responds to others has changed.

Love is now pointing the way!

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