How to Prepare For a Coaching Session

General Guidelines

  • Before our session, try to identify the issue that is bothering you the most.
  • Even if it seems like it should be something else bothering you more, be truthful with yourself.
  • If you have a health issue that you are concerned about but as you were driving home someone cut you off so you missed your exit and you are still angry about that, then that is what you want to address.
  • The anger you have about that is most important to address even in relation to the health issue.
  • If you want me to be aware of what you want to address, you may email me before our call. 


  • Identify the negative feeling, emotion and or negative belief you have about that issue.

  • Rate it on a scale of 0-10 on how much it bothers you, 10 being the worst it can be.

  • Find an early memory that has the same feelings, beliefs, emotions as you are feeling presently with this issue. (the earlier is usually the best i.e. when you were 6 yr old or younger, but if another memory is more significant that is ok too.

  • Rate this early memory on how much it bothers you when you recall it.

  • Don’t take but a few moments to do this.

  • Choose a Love Picture to focus on when doing the Healing Code.

  • Something that makes you smile, feel peace and love. Can be something you remember, something you would like to experience, real or imaginary. also be a positive true statement that you believe.

  • Be in a comfortable place where you will not be distracted and have some water to drink preferably before and after the session. Often I will ask you to take a drink in the middle of codes, so it’s good to have a bottle or glass of water handy. Please have water and not another beverage.

To Prepare

Choose an issue that you would like to work on. Usually, the best choice is “What is bothering me the most?”

Bridge to Help

Elizabeth Peace, Certified Healing Codes & Trilogy Coach 

Your bridge to help & healing