Bridge to Help

Our sessions will include:

Certified Guidance & Coaching integrating all of the methods personally customized to you.

MP3 audios of every session sent to you 

Handouts to make the session run efficiently

Email Encouragement 

Additional journey resources per the need 

Sessions can last up to 75 minutes

Elizabeth Peace, M.A., L.M.,
Whole Life Healing Coach

This COACHING has integrated everything; Trilogy, The Codes, Q-Code, and Memory Engineering.

All of the Assessment Tools – Personality Testing, Attachment Testing, Heart Issues Finder, Success issues Finder, Relationship issues Finder & X-Factor 

EVERY Product is available with Whole Life Healing Coaching

This is the Most Scientifically Validated

Emotional Healing

As a professional counselor, I have been taught many methods to help people cope with their issues. Cope? Let's get healed instead! 


My clients know that I have a great concern that their issues are resolved. Whole Life Healing Coaching allows me, as a pastoral counselor, to use every method presented on this website. You do not have to pick a method, after you take the right test(s) for you, you will get coaching help with all of the methods necessary to remove, not cope with, unhealthy emotions and harmful behaviors.


There is a very special synergy when you combine all of the methods right for you for an outcome unique to your needs, personality and background.


Remember, when your emotional issues are healed, it can cause physical healing; for many people, this is exactly the case -- and zero side effects.


I encourage you to sign up and give Whole Life Healing Coaching a try. 


It’s completely no-risk and an amazing way to begin exploring the methods that could change your life. And if you’ve been on a healing journey for years, I invite you to go deeper with me as we strive to become the healthiest, happiest and most successful we can be!

Whole Life Healing Coaching

Your bridge to help & healing