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Elizabeth Peace Scott MA, LM

Elizabeth received her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Summa cum laude and Pastoral Care and Counseling, Magna cum laude, from Liberty University. She uses advanced therapies and has been trained by some of the leading experts in the fields of community care and counseling including Dr. Charles Kraft and Dr. Alexander Loyd. Elizabeth is in touch with the issues facing individuals and families in today's culture. She has in-depth knowledge and personal experience with some of life's very difficult issues.

I'm delighted to serve both as a clinical mental health counselor and as a pastoral counselor. 

I care deeply about my clients therefore I counsel using a variety of methods and therapies to meet individual needs and to create with you the solutions you need as you head toward your desired healing.

Your life is precious and I consider it a privledge to serve clients who come to me in their time of need. 


Personal and emotional issues

Marriage and family issues

Relationship Issues

Women's issues

Singles issues

Money issues