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Specializing in issues exclusive to women gives clients the focus she needs. What concerns you? Body image, female-specific medical issues, singleness, relationships, work/family or life balance, pregnancy, childbirth issues, motherhood, menopause, widowhood, being in the "sandwich" years, divorce pain, senior divorce, abuse, in-laws and boundaries, loneliness, spiritual conflicts & questions? These can lead to depression, anxiety, a feeling of hopelessness, and loneliness. Getting with me, a licensed, accountable, and an experienced professional counselor can bring you the change that online help cannot.

Unique to my practice is teaching my clients a process that neutralizes painful emotions. The results have been life-changing. Additionally, I have certifications in EMDR, Biofeedback, and Emotional Freedom Technique, and I'm trained in Brainspotting. I have 21 years of pastoral counseling experience and my pastoral counseling MA focused on women's issues.

Women have specific life stages and challenges, chief among those is not being believed or lack of knowledgeable support. Sometimes one or even just a few meetings with a professional trained in helping with women's issues can help resolve some of the most challenging aspects of being a female. Please check my website for the therapy pricing sliding scale.