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Elizabeth Peace ScottMA, LLPC; MA, LM, NCC

Clinical Counseling

The Clinical Bridge


I can assist you in achieving your most important life goals


Many people need guidance and education for parenting, marriage, developing decision making skills, problem-solving, conflict resolution, working through grief and loss, divorce, understanding and guiding through the court process, aging, emotional intelligence and the like. 


Let's discover what blindspots keep you from breakthroughs. 

Together we can create a personal strategic action plan for practical insights on creating a sense of vision and mission, learning the art of confrontation, assertiveness, maintaining ethical behavior, balancing work/life issues. 



Transitions & Purpose 


  • Assertiveness training
  • Skills and Roleplays
  • Blindspots and getting breakthroughs
  • Life Focus: Personal and Professional Development
  • Life Focus: God and Spiritual Development
  • Positive Psychology: Exercises and Strategies
  • Finding Your Purpose in the area of your concern
  • Developing a Personal Strategic Action Plan
  • Counseling for Creativity and Innovations
  • Managing Time and Staying Organized
  • Harnessing the Power of Community
  • Mission and Vision: Having a Plan for Life
  • Midlife Career Transitions
  • The Art of Confrontation: Speaking the Truth in Love
  • Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas



Grief and Loss 


  • Explaining what the Bible has to say about Grief and Loss 
  • Complicated Grief
  • Grief and Loss in Childhood
  • Injury and Loss of Children
  • Grief and Loss in Marriage
  • Unrecognized Losses
  • The impact of Disasters on Individuals, Families & Communities
  • Faith and Spiritual Care of Disaster Victims
  • Collateral Damage: Firestorms of Faith
  • Choosing Healthy thinking in Life's Darkest Moments




  • Biblical Foundations of Parenting
  • Education of Child and Adolescent Development 
  • The Fine Art of Increasing Your Skills and Abilities
  • Shaping Your Child's Character
  • What it Means to Love Unconditionally
  • Boundaries with Children
  • Teaching Kids about Finances and Keeping Them to It
  • The Power of Three: Parenting Teamwork and the Presence of God
  • Developing that One Special Skill in each Child
  • Education decisions from K-12 and College
  • Creating Good Memories and Healing Bad Ones
  • Discipline out of Love and Allow Kids to Learn from Consequences
  • Grace: Focusing on the Good --Not the Perfect--in Yourself and Your Kids





  • Attachment: Why You Believe, Act and Feel the Way You Do
  • Starving for Relationships: Attachment Wounds and Love Hunger
  • Understanding Your Emotions
  • Anger Management
  • Connecting: Communication and Effective Listening Skills 
  • Beyond Codependency: Regaining a Sense of Self
  • Attraction and Boundaries: Maintaining Sexual Purity
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • How to Confront or End a Difficult Relationship




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