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Elizabeth Peace Scott, M.A., L.M.
  • Group Coaching is a meeting via phone in which participants bring the issues they want to be healed. 
  • You will never have to share any personal details that you don’t want to–-even including your last name.
  • All you need to say is how strong the issue bothers you (0-10 rating), and the main emotional element of the issue.
  • I will get a group Code that addresses all the issues together, and then lead us through actually doing the Code together in the Audio Guided Code fashion.
  • The collective power of doing the codes together increases the effectiveness of the Code exponentially. 
  • The Code that you will get will be powerful for your issues throughout the week as well.

I will welcome everyone on the call.

Then I will begin with the first person,  and the rest of the callers will be muted. I will give the first person a custom Trilogy Process. As that person does their process, I will go on to the next person, and so on until everyone has a Custom Trilogy.

Next, I will give a Group Healing Code.

We will do that Code together.

I will record all of these things and send them to each one of you; a Custom Trilogy Process and the Group Healing Code. When you receive them, you just relax and follow along!

That's all there is to it!


What is Group Coaching?

What do I need to know before attending?

If you don’t already have The Healing Codes or Trilogy Process, you will need to learn the simple hand positions that are used. These will be provided after you. You will receive a document with all you need to know to
"Get the most out of the Healing Codes Group Coaching sessions."

When does a Group Coaching Meet?

1. Return the signed Consent Form to me.

2. Make sure you put in your email contact or whitelist so you won't miss the            notification emails from me. This will contain instructions, the call-in information, and the link to the          call. 

3. Download and read "How to Prepare for a Private Group Session."

4. Download and read "How to be Familiar with the Healing Codes 1 & 2 Positions" by downloading and            reviewing this document. 

5. Download and read "How to be Familiar with the Trilogy General Process." 

6. Email me with your issue 48 hours before our call.

7. Show up and enjoy!


Preparing for the Call

Bridge to Help

Whenever you sign up for group coaching through the Dr. Alex Loyd site, you can request me as your coach. Then our administrative staff will contact me and we will set up a mutally compatible time to meet.

How does the Call Work? What is the Process?

Your bridge to help & healing