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What is Inner Healing?


As a licensed minister I use several different methods, depending on the person and the need, to release the stronghold burden. Inner healing is one of those methods. Inner healing is a method of ministry  where you connect to Jesus in a profound way. It is not your everyday, ordinary ministry or prayer session. You will truly connect to the Lord in a very meaningful way. If you would like more information about the ministry arm of my profession, please visit my other website

Here is what some of my clients have had to say about their experience with inner healing: 








Francis and Judith MacNutt, early ministers of the inner healing ministry movement, describe it this way,

"It takes the memories of our past and heals them from the effects of those emotional wounds that still remain and affect our daily lives. Jesus can fill you with His love in all of those places that have been empty for so long."

This is an amazing ministry of the Holy Spirit, you and me. Jesus can give us the grace to forgive past hurts and resentments. We can ask Jesus Christ to go back to the time when the hurt occurred and free us from the effects of that wound that still remain in the present. This involves two things: bringing to light the things that have hurt us and then praying to the Lord to free us from the binding effects of our hurtful past.

How did the Inner Healing Prayer Ministry begin?

The Inner healing movement began in the 1970’s and is refined today through ministries like mine. I use 

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 I would like the opportunity to help you in your relationship with God. He is "gentle and humble of heart and you shall find rest for your soul" Matthew 11:29

Got questions about faith, the rapidly changing social structure, the answers to relationships and aspects of life? Let me help you discover the great hope and restoration found in Christ.

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Some problems just won't go away no matter what you try or do.

It could be that the problem stems from what is called "a spiritual stronghold."

Spiritual strongholds can only be healed through ministry

Spiritual Cleansing

I am the director of Spirit Set Free Ministries which helps individuals remove harmful and ungodly strongholds.

Through Christ, we are able to pull out the strongholds that up to that point, were immoveable. 

Are you struggling with Anxiety, Fear, Addiction, Abuse, Anger, Alone, Cutting, Depression, Destructive behavior, Hopelessness, Overwhelmed, Substance Abuse, Sex Addiction, Suicidal Thoughts?

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If you are interested in being prayed for, please let me know. I have been trained in several methods of effective prayer.