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Elizabeth Peace Scott, M.A., L.M.
Twice Trilogy

Trilogy Removes Painful Emotions & Problematic Behaviors

Trilogy has bridged their gap of despair and filled them with well-being. This happens every day in my office

Trilogy: a process that Disolves Misery

TRILOGY is based on the theory that this Process  can help your mind heal itself, just as your body would heal itself from an irritation such as a cut or scrape. Essentially, it teaches your brain to process things in a new way, releasing the trauma carried by certain memories and freeing your mind from old attachments. TRILOGY Process focuses on removing these mind blocks and allowing your brain to move on from past emotional problems.

As a Trilogy coach, I use eye movement and auditory sounds to help the individual being treated reach the point where they don’t experience distress while reliving a memory or an emotion.

There are eight phases to TRILOGY, and they include revisiting the previous session at the beginning of every new one, so that each session serves as a building block for recovery.


Pros of TRILOGY Process

There is extensive clinical research backing this method. It uses the essentials of EMDR which has been the subject of numerous studies that support its use. The American Psychiatric Association and U.S. Department of Defense have recognized it as a form of treatment for trauma.

Aside from these strong academic indicators, there are other benefits to TRILOGY that have been detailed over the years. While it’s convincing to hear those with field experience singing the praises of TRILOGY, it’s even more effective to see exactly how it can help with overcoming substance abuse.



TRILOGY Process has a number of pros. It can:

Separate Reactions From Stressors

Substance addiction can become a habitual way of dealing with a long-term stressor. For example, when confronted with a memory from the past, a person may take drugs or drink alcohol as a way to cope. TRILOGY helps those struggling with addiction separate that cause and effect. They learn to deal with the emotion of an issue rather than simply reacting to it.

Reveal Past Traumas So True Healing Can Begin

Sometimes a person will block out or push aside memories of a traumatic event that contributes to their addiction. If they don’t deal with this past trauma, they can’t move past it and begin to heal.

Treat a Wide Range of Symptoms

TRILOGY Process can treat a wide range of symptoms, many of which are experienced by those battling addiction, including panic attacks, relationship issues, low self-esteem, anxiety, phobia, insomnia, excessive worrying and anger issues.

Offer Fast Relief

TRILOGY Process is effective — and it’s also fast. In just one session, people struggling with addiction can find relief. There may be a short period of emotional discomfort, but those feelings quickly leave. It’s heartening for anyone battling addiction to feel as though they have made progress. It gives them the courage and commitment to keep fighting.

No Negative Side Effects

Many people worry about side effects of any treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Despite many studies of this form of process, there are no negative TRILOGY Process side effects shown.

 Trilogy has changed my client's lives. I counsel many individuals with some pretty serious and complicated issues. Many of whom have tried everything; been in and out of mental hospitals, traveled the country for help, searched for answers from every professional they can, plus taken every prescription and non-prescription drug available to get away from the torment of emotional, behavioral, and physical pain.

Your bridge to help & healing

When you live free from emotional pain and problematic behaviors, you can live the life you were originally designed for.

Here's what clients have said about Trilogy

TRILOGY is based on the theory that this Process  can help your mind heal itself, just as your body would heal itself from an irritation such as a cut or scrape. 

Bridge to Help

After you contact Paypal below, I will send you material about how the session will work and preparation for the call.

After you send back your information, we will set up a meeting time. Our sessions will be one hour.

I will call you and we will get right to work. 


  • Together we determine the heart of the issue & it's memories or generational issues.
  • I will help you determine if there are any early memories that may be the source of the problem or a souce of blocking healing. 
  • You will rate the level of pain on a scale from zero to 10.
  • I will then create Two Custom Trilogy Processes for you.
  • We will do the processes together.
  • I will tell you how many times you should do the process per day and for how many days.
  • Finally, I will send you an Audio Guided Code so that you can simply play it and follow along.


From beginning to end, you will have a method that you can effectively & quickly work with for excellent healing.