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Elizabeth Peace ScottMA, LLPC; MA, LM, NCC

Counseling & Care for the Entire Life Span

The portrait of a woman's lifespan has stages from birth to the wisdom years and all of the stages are important. Understanding and accurately assessing each woman's problem creates a process of moving from problem to resolution more effectively

I deliver information, skill building, problem solving skills training, assertiveness training, boundary guidance, communication development, awareness of manipulation and abuse as well as the importance of understanding the medical health needs in each stage of a woman's life.

Welcome to the Women's Counselor
Solutions for women and for those who love them

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Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety is a constant fearful state. It is accompanied by a feeling of unrest, dread, or worry. The person may not be aware of what is creating the fear, however, you can discover how to conquer anxiety, phobias and panic attacks. Get Help

Many times an addiction is a symptom of another issue that has not been resolved.  Pain that is not properly examined and processed can lead to acting out in ways that lead to addiction in many forms. Also, if you like, I can help you connect with God, who has the power and authority to break all addictions.  Get Help

If you have suffered from the abuse of another person, it is not your fault and there is hope.  Dealing with the pain of abuse can be a long road of healing. I can guide you in overcoming the pain of abuse. Get Help


Anger is a natural response, but remaining in anger is where the trouble comes in. Replace anger with peace.
 Get Help


Fear is a common symptom of other issues that have not been resolved.  Addressing past issues and receiving methods to get out of fear is available. Get Help


Feeling alone is often coupled with depression or anxiety.  Get Help



The process of aging can be fear-inducing and lonely. So many physical parts are wearing down without regard to one's previous wellbeing. Couple that with reduced income and reduced peers and suddenly one can have a life situation that has become out of control. Get Help


Women who self-injure commonly report they feel empty inside, over or under stimulated, unable to express their feelings, lonely, not understood by others and fearful of intimate relationships and adult responsibilities. Self-injury can also be a way to have control over your body when you can’t control anything else in your life. Get Help


Depression literally means to press something down.  Pushing down emotions and not expressing them or dealing with them leads to emotional depression.  Get Help

Women on a destructive course have a pattern of abusive behavior to themselves, others, or things. Shame and isolation are a trap.  Get Help

Experiencing terrible news or life changing events can damage our hope for the future.  Get Help


When too much is happening in or around you, feeling overwhemed can set in and stay. I can help you identify the root of the issues and help you get solutions.  Get Help


Substance Abuse
What may start out as a social expression can often overtake a person's life. There are many reasons for substance abuse and the ultimate answer is found in Christ. I can help you break free from the hooks that pull you around like a puppet.  Get Help


Scientifically Validated Counseling & Therapies

The Women's Counseling Bridge

    I specialize in the specific needs of Women 


Counseling that specializes in women's issues is a specific area of therapy that can help women deal with issues that are exclusive to them, and make a huge positive difference in their lives. This includes counseling for relationship troubles, childbirth issues, daughter-parent misunderstandings and identity struggles. Sometimes one or even just a few meetings with a professional trained in helping with women's issues can help resolve some of the most challenging aspects of being a female. 

Women live under the tremendous pressure of being the perfect woman. We are told that being a woman means being strong, confident, independent, a good provider, stylish, fit, the perfect wife, mother, daughter, and friend -- and not letting anything or anyone affect your progress. This only reinforces the walls that women build to isolate themselves and perpetuate their silence. 

Does an Authentic Remedy Exist? 

I believe the answer is a resounding yes. I have been called and trained to deliver care, consolation, resources, therapies, answers, advocacy and hope to the women in my care.